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Boat tours from Naples port
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Services for Cruise Ships
Excursions for passengers on a cruise in Capri and Amalfi Coast
Between the most suggestive cruises to the magnificent localities of Mediterranean Sea, the one which includes Italy as cruise stop-over, obtains a great public success. In the South of Italy, and precisely in the region of Campania, there are 3 main ports of call: the port of Salerno, the port of Sorrento and the port of Naples.  Those who travel on board of cruise ships, which traverse along one of our routes, know that they can choose between a myriad of excursions and that near their port of call there are 2 super exclusive destinations: Capri and Amalfi Coast.  When we talk about  personalized services according to clients needs, we also think of the big part of tourists who travels with the famous cruise companies, and who need a tour which is perfectly in line with the timings imposed by the crew ship. In the next days/months, will you disembark in Salerno, in Sorrento, or in Naples, and you wish to organize an itinerary with all places you want to visit? Amalfi Boat Excursions thinks of you! With our help you can realize a fantastic boat excursion even in few hours, bringing with you a wonderful memory of these spectacular places.
Touristic Port of Call

Departure/arrival points for excursions dedicated to passengers on a cruise are:

Port of Salerno;
Port of Sorrento;
Port of Naples.

Each tour price varies according to the route. Call now for more information!

+39 366 311 18 24
Your excursion will start directly from the expected port of call. As agreed, your skipper will be waiting for you there, will help you embarking and will start the tour after being sure that all passengers are ready to leave. Touristic itineraries already planned from our boat company are two: only "Amalfi Coast" or "Amalfi Coast and Capri". According to the time you have at your disposal, you can decide in which zones you want to sail (Amalfi, Positano, Conca dei Marini, Furore, Maiori, Capri), which villages you want to visit closely and attentively, and which locality you prefer for a possible lunch stop. When you organize an excursion for passengers on a cruise, punctuality is the ingredient which assures the success of the service, and you can be sure that, at the end of your boat trip, you will reach the cruise ship in the expected time. Regularity, maximum efficiency and integrity, please book with us the best experience for your holiday during your cruise.
Travelling on Board of a Cruise Ship?
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Home   »   Services   »   Tours for Cruise Passengers   »   Water Taxi
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