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Boat transfers Amalfi
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Charter in Amalfi Coast
Tour for passengers on cruise and water taxis
The reasons why a tourist travels in Amalfi Coast can be a lot: there is who has to move for work, who needs to reach a friend for an important event or who wants to give his own family some long weeks of rest in one of the most important touristic localities of Mediterranean, maybe on board of a mega sea cruise. The types of journey are a lot and various, and if you want to propose a complete and efficient solution for everybody, you have to develop some flexible offers for every touristic request. Amalfi Boat Excursions does not offer a niche service, to which refer for one only typical guided tour between Amalfi and Capri, but a further reference point for who wants to choose an alternative shortcut, less congestive, for reaching a specific locality, and who wants to realize a shorter excursion because of less available time. Our impressive boats, in fact, can become some water taxis for transfers by sea, and some fast lines for passengers on cruise in excursion. Two practical and strategic solutions which underline the multifunctional role performed by a boat company on the whole territory.
Cruise Passengers
Boat tour from Sorrento port
Escursions for passengers on cruise in Amalfi Coast and Capri. Tours specialized according to the expected time from your boat company with return at the departure dock.
Water Taxi
Boats transfers Positano
Rental motor boats for transfer by sea and transfers organized from/to airports, train stations, ports and hotels. Comfort and velocity at your service!
Putting ourselves in clients’ shoes, and understanding which are the services that they would love to find in the place they are visiting, encourage us to improve ourselves every day and let us choose for all wonderful news we bring to the branch of rental boats. We know very well how comfortable a transfer service could be, maybe well-organized before departure, where you could decide both the boarding place and time, and how it could be comfortable for passengers to have a skipper on board who can plan a very nice tour, althought time restrictions imposed by cruise ships. Not to mention of how immediate and easy is keeping in touch with our staff and reserve the required services: a phone call or a simple click on our information form, and you can count on all our assistance!
How to move in Amalfi Coast?
Please find out our rental services!
Online rental boats Amalfi
Home   »   Services   »   Tours for Cruise Passengers
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