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Tours with "Sorrentino" Boat
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Our "Sorrentino" Boat is a particular fishing boat, which was born from the magnificent Sorrento Peninsula. Its humble sea origins and wood's sparkle, with which it was created, are an irresistible attraction for lovers of boat tours. Both stern and prow have an extended shape and we suppose the Italian word "gozzo" is due to the particular swollen shape of the main section. Over time, the history charm was united to the new technologies of nautical sector, and that is how our boat model was created. The typical fishers' oars and the Latin sail (typical symbols of old boats structure) was substituted by a modern motor and a tent for the sun. An exclusive Italian boat, with a characteristic style, readjusted for tourists excursions transportation, perfect even for brief  romantic tours and for mini sunset cruises. Visiting Amalfi Coast and Capri island on board of a typical Mediterranean boat is truly the best you could wish, if you also wish giving your tour a touch of authenticity and identifying yourself in the local life style.
Technical Specifications:

Sea performance and characteristics on board. Detailed information of boat capacity and on types of offered services.

Lenght: 8 meters.
Motor: 250 hp.
Maximum Speed: 25 knots.
Crew: 8 passengers.
Cabin: none.
Berth: none.
Other Services: shower and removable tent for the sun.

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The option of renting our "Sorrentino" boat is an interesting proposal, which unites the modernity of current touristic boats with the original production of old hatchet’s teachers. With its 8 meters of length, this boat can host up to 8 passengers, who can have a big sunbathe space, which occupies almost a half of total surface, and a stern post, ideal for sitting in the shadow of the tent, or a space for bags. Furthermore, passengers can use a shower, a free service drink and beach towels (included in the rental cost).
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Home   »   The Boats   »   Gozzo Sorrentino   »   Manò Marine 32,50
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