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Boats and yacht in Amalfi Coast
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Rental Boats with Skipper
Sorrentino Boats and Luxury Yachts
An authentic fleet which unites the traditional style of typical motor boats with the elegance, modernity and exclusivity of the most renowned luxury yachts. It is with the beauty and the power of boats which Amalfi Boat Excursions can surprise clients, offering an alternative to guests who prefer, in the chosen boat model, two main requisites: structural charm and service quality. Real experts know for sure what we are talking about, however if you are not part of them, it will be enough looking at the pictures in our  photo gallery to understand how easy, spacious, comfortable and functional our boats are. Furthermore, in order to guarantee the maximum safety, each boat model has been controlled with programs of preventive maintenance, creating a peaceful and comfortable atmosphere for everybody. Our boats can be rented all around Amalfi Coast  and Capri Island, but only with the presence of one of our qualified skippers who, if necessary, will become a precious touristic guide on which you can count for the whole duration of the excursion.
"Gozzo" Sorrentino
Rental boats Capri and Positano
The wood's charm and motor velocity. Please book an excursion in Amalfi Coast and to Capri on board of our Sorrentino boat! It contains up to 7 passengers.
Manò Marine 32,50
Rental yacht Amalfi Coast
An impressive yacht with original design. Please book a tour in Amalfi Coast and to Capri on board of our Manò Marine 32,50. It contains up to 10 passengers.
Itama 38
Rental yacht Capri island
An elegant, spacious yacht with the classic extended bottom. Please book a tour in Amalfi Coast and to Capri on board of our Itama 38. It contains up to 6 passengers.
Renting our Sorrentino boat or a luxury yacht with our company is more than a simple  boat tour in Amalfi, Positano and Capri, it is a sensorial experience which will make you discover the essence of  a total physical wellness. Yes, because on board you will find all that you need: relax corner, cushions for the sun, external showers, internal cabins for a rest (only on board of our yachts), minibar and beach towels. Our boats are available for the following professional services: guided tours in Amalfi Coast and to Capri island, water taxi services, cruise excursions, mini sunset cruise with tours on the Mediterranean, photo location for weddings, location for  fashion catalogues, means of transportation for tv crew and panoramic placement  for fireworks shows. It might seem quite unusual that a boat can realize some personalized transfers and grant, at the same time, a charming location for many special activities, but a means of transportation so fast and practical can become a trendy and very useful choice. Please find out how, booking with us your boat vacation!
Boat Rental at Cheap Costs?
Please find out our fleet!
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Home   »   The Boats   »   Gozzo Sorrentino
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