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Touristic itineraries Amalfi Coast
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Boat Tours in Amalfi Coast
A dream journey in sirens land
The landscapes of Amalfi Coast have the dream power for all people who have the privilege of seeing them in person. It almost seems unreal that in only 40 kms of coast might coexist so many natural and artistic magnificences, and maybe this is the secret of the magnetic charm which crowd all Amalfi Coast villages. The colours of its views are interlated and united like temperas on a painter’s palette, giving life to enchanting art works painted with the generous creativity of Mother Earth. The Divine, so called for its heaven beauties, is composed by 13 villages, all characterized by its own uses and customs: Amalfi, Atrani, Cetara, Conca dei Marini, Furore, Maiori, Minori, Positano, Praiano, Ravello, Scala, Tramonti and Vietri sul Mare. This heterogeneity explains the fact that each of these villages has its own artistic/cultural/religious symbol which represents it, a historical identity to tell and typical products to export. Between these last, we mention the typical Amalfi’s lemon liqueur, Cetara’s anchovies and its sauce, Minori's handmade pasta, Vietri sul Mare’s handmade ceramic, Positano’s linen dresses and leather sandals, Tramonti’s milk products and cold cuts, Ravello and Furore's DOC wines.
Places to Visit

The must see for a complete and special Amalfi Coast
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After having known Amalfi Coast deeply, it is easy to understand the reason why UNESCO included it between the touristic sites identified as Humanity’s Environment. A honorary title which let us understand how precious this place is and how important its safeguard is. Amalfi Boat Excursions is one of many activities which was born on this territory for promoting and divulge, with an extreme pride, all wealth of Amalfi Coast. Our excursions are real touristic itineraries with the unique peculiarity that clients, instead of walking, or driving a car or taking a bus, can have a private boat. Visiting Positano, Amalfi, Furore and Conca dei Marini by sea, you can combine, in one only adventure, wellness, fun, cultural interest and naturalistic itineraries. A choice which perfectly unites adults and children needs; a way of travelling, knowing and relaxing on Mediterranean waves!
Amalfi Coast Tour?
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Boat tours Amalfi and Positano

"Would you like to rent a boat in Amalfi Coast? Please do it by Amalfi Boat Excursions and you will not regret it! Kindness, professionality, congeniality and maximum willingness. A team who will make you fall in love even more of these landscapes. “We booked a full day tour from Maiori to Positano and we had lot of fun, even our children still talk about this boat experience with joy. Keep it up!"

- Paul & Mandy -
What to See in Amalfi Coast
Sea Excursions in Amalfi and Positano
The calm sea, the sun shining on waters, coasts kissed by its bright rays, majolica domes which peek out between the historical centers, Norman towers set between the rocks and beaches ready to host thousands of tourists: it is with this wonderful presentation that Amalfi Coast welcomes its visitors, showing itself in the endless charm of its thousands glimpses. Amalfi Boat Excursions will be the access key which will open the door to this enchanting place, offering a boat tour along its marvellous villages. We can trace the following itinerary and propose a boat tour which will make you find out, in one day, all our most requested destinations: we start in Amalfi and our first destination is Maiori with the visit of the spectacular Pandora’s Grotto; then boat tour continues along the romantic natural arch, named "Lovers Arch". Along this brief crossing, between Maiori and Amalfi, you will admire the gracious Minori and Atrani; after the Arch, you will visit the wonderful Emerald Grotto in Conca dei Marini and the majestic Furore's Fjord located in the same village’s name; after Furore, the boat tour ends in Positano and its famous "Li Galli" archipelago, located nearby Fornillo beach.
Pandora's Grotto
What to seen in Maiori on a boat
Pandora's Grotto is a natural cave, only reachable by sea, located between the cliff rocks which characterize the wild Maiori's nature and coastline.
Atrani's Beach
What to see in Atrani on a boat
Atrani is a pretty village which preserves intact its typical nature of little fishers village. Its beach is one of the most beautiful and clear in Amalfi Coast.
Lovers Arch
What to see in Amalfi on a boat
Lovers Arch is located nearby Santa Croce’s beach in Vettica (Amalfi). According to tradition, couples passing under it keep endless love with a kiss.
Emerald Grotto
What to see in Conca dei Marini on a boat
Emerald Grotto is a natural cave located in Conca dei Marini, and it has its particular name because of the emerald color of the sea inside the cave.
Furore's Fjord
What to see in Furore on a boat
Furore's Fjord, located in Furore, is a particular cavity made by the sea and crossed by the main street of the Amalfi Coast through a 30 meters suspended bridge.
Li Galli Archipelago
What to see in Positano on a boat
Li Galli Archipelago is composed by 3 private small islands located nearby Positano. The legend says that here Ulysse was charmed by the magic Sirens call.
It is possible to make a full tour of Amalfi Coast in one day and explore its uncontamined grottos and beaches, and then stop in the most beautiful localities for visiting historical centers or have a bath admiring the sea skyline. You can personalize your excursion with the activities you prefer, you can show your skipper the stops you would like to include in your tour and make you swing from the sea waves and leave each type of thought on the mainland. By Amalfi Boat Excursions you will find out the real senses peace! Are you a couple on holiday, a pass group or a family in a change mood? Please choose a boat tour for making your journey in Amalfi Coast memorable! Our boats are comfortable, capable and safe, our illustrated program is tempting and recreational, our skippers will be your excellent guide, so we have all right ingredients for a fantastic experience. Please contact us and book your itinerary at the best granted price!
Yacht Charter in Amalfi Coast?
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